1. Photographs offered for purchase are original limited edition and / or open edition.
    Limited Edition Prints are hand-signed, dated & numbered on verso (back) accordingly to the standards. A hand-written provenance label added on verso.
    Open Edition Prints are hand-signed and dated on verso accordingly to the standards.  A hand-written provenance label added on verso.
    The Silver Halide Prints are hand-signed, dated & numbered on verso. A hand-written provenance label added on verso.
    The Platinum-Palladiun Prints are hand-signed, dated & numbered on verso.
  2. The quality of materials used for printing have excellent archival properties. Based on the combination of materials use it is possible that the print longevity exceed 150 years even more with platinum/palladium.

    Digital Printing Paper
    Canson Baryta Photographique 310g (OBA very low) and Canson Rag Photographique 310g (OBA free) for digital prints.
    Canson mill ( founded in 1557) is well know, it has been making paper since the time of Michelangelo.
    Hahnemüehle Monet Canvas 410g (OBA free) for digital prints. Hahnemüehle also a well know mill, founded in 1584.

    Silver Halide Gelatin Paper
    Fomalux 111 FB 290g Baryta fibre-based paper. Silver chloride emulsion, the paper is formulated primarily for contact printing.
    Silver Halide Gelatin prints (classic photographic paper) is toned with selenium for archival excellence.

    Paper for Platinum/Palladium Process
    Platinum/Palladium is well know for his excellent archival properties. Platinum/Palladium prints are hand coated by the artist on traditional hand-made Washi (Japanese paper. Wa 'Japanese' and shi 'paper').
    Awagami HM-5 Gampi-shi (Tokushima prefecture). Made of Gampi shrub.
    #1 Tosa Washi (Kõchi prefecture). Made of kozo, the paper mulberry tree.

    All photograph and prints are make it by the artist. Limited Edition prices are subject to increase as print editions get sold.


  1. Every effort will be made to promptly process orders, usualIy within a week. However, if I am traveling or if special printing requirements are requested, then print orders can take longer. If filling an order will require additional time, I will contact you.


  1. If a product does not meet your expectations, you may return it within 7 days. Please read SEVEN (7) DAYS RETURN POLICY.
  2. If anything should go wrong with your order during shipping a replacement shipment will be made to you at no additional cost.  Please read SEVEN (7) DAYS RETURN POLICY.


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